We are passionate about making a difference.  Helping kids grow and succeed is at the heart of everything we do.  But how we do it is just as important.  We believe our neighborhoods and our world are best served when people of all ages and different backgrounds work together to share their time and talents. 

We are creative with our ideas.  Whether we are rolling up our sleeves or opening our wallets, our members have ideas and we find a way to help.

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Date Type Title
03/27/2018 Meeting
04/03/2018 Committee

Agenda distributed prior to meeting

04/03/2018 Meeting

John will speak about Sweetlands Candies and Coffee a 4th generation confectioner with deep roots in the North East corridor of Grand Rapids. The company passionately makes the finest chocolates for customers...

04/10/2018 Meeting

Gail is the Director of Home Owner Services for Habitat for Humanity and she will speak on the homeowner selection process. She will identity the criteria used to determine homeowner candidates including...

04/17/2018 Meeting

Bob will speak about the Dwight Lydell chapter of the Izaac Walton League of America. The organization is one of the oldest conservation organizations in the United States. The League is a diverse group...

04/21/2018 Event

Noorthoek Academy Fundraiser

04/24/2018 Meeting

Pam’s topic will be “The Magic of Water” Not only is water essential for life, researchers are discovering it to have remarkable qualities for holding memory. Using the discoveries of...

05/01/2018 Committee

Agenda distributed prior to meeting

05/01/2018 Meeting
05/08/2018 Meeting
05/15/2018 Meeting
05/22/2018 Meeting
05/29/2018 Meeting
06/05/2018 Committee

Agenda distributed prior to meeting

06/05/2018 Meeting